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Fuel Scientific manufacture high quality diesel purification equipment. Mobile and static units use proven technology to ensure the best tank cleansing equipment available at an affordable price.

By using fuel circulation agitation and filtration our equipment will remove all water and contaminants, 'Diesel Bug', leaving your fuel tank containing only 'Clean Dry Polished Diesel'.


The Equipment

Fuel Scientific

Diesel Fuel Polishing Machine FS500

Fuel Scientific

Fuel Scientific - FS1000 Fuel Polising Equipment

Fuel Scientific

Fuel Scientific - FS2000 Fuel Polising Equipment

The Problem

New bio fuels have a greater ability to collect and absorb water creating an ideal environment for microbial growth commonly know as 'Diesel Bug'. Cells can multiply 2 million times in 24 hours and die within 48 hours falling to the bottom of your fuel storage tank as sludge. As the percentage bio content in fuel increases so will the problem!


The Result

Fuel line blockages, worn components including pumps and injectors, poor economy and emissions, all combine to eventually cause engine failure, expensive repairs, call outs and warranty exemptions.


The Solution

Ensure 'dry' fuel is always in your fuel tank, by regularly filtering out water and contaminants using Fuel Scientific 'bug busting' equipment. Fuel Scientific can design and build specialist equipment according to you specific requirements.



Typical Fuel Tank Contents

Diesel Fuel Containing Water & Diesel Bug


Polished Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel Containing Water & Diesel Bug


Short Demonstration


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Diesel Cleaning Benefits:

  • Removes All Water
  • Removes Diesel Bug
    • Reduces Engine Wear
    • Saves on Fuel Costs
    • Environmentally Friendly



  • Commercial Vehicles
    Diesel Fuel Problems in HGV and Trucks Diesel Bug

  • Buses & CoachesDiesel Fuel Bug in Buses and Coaches

  • Agricultural EquipmentDiesel Bug in Agricultural Equipment

  • Marine & Canal Boats
    • Fuel Storage Tanks